When you’re name is Mike Vick, you get a lot of special treatment.  Being the second highest paid player in the NFL (only Peyton Manning makes more) is one of those benefits.  Getting away with murder, it seems, may be another. 

Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, and Tank Johnson were all suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for a combined total of 32 games for run-ins with the law, before he let the judicial system do its thing.  However, when Mike Vick was indicted for hosting a dogfighting ring on his property, Goodell said he would wait and see what happens in court before he decides to suspend the $100M quarterback.   

There is always the argument that maybe Goodell learned his lesson after the last suspension he made.  Former Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson was suspended by Goodell after being pulled over in Arizona on suspicion of driving under the influence in June.  After Johnson was suspended, the Bears released him for his ongoing legal troubles.  Then on July 2, it was determined that Johnson’s blood alcohol content was .072, below the Arizona limit of .08, and all charges against Johnson were dropped.   Had Goodell waited for these results, Johnson would not have been suspended, and would still have his job with the Bears. 

There is also the argument that Goodell’s suspensions are for players with repeat run-ins with the law.  All three afore-mentioned players had multiple legal troubles before being suspended.  Vick however, has not.   

And if you’re smart, and you don’t believe the first two arguments, there is always the argument that Mike Vick is good for the NFL.  Regardless of his reputation, every game he plays in is going to be sold out.  People are still going to be wearing their Vick jerseys.  The bottom line is, Vick is a money-maker for the NFL.  Falcons fans don’t want to go see their team, quarterbacked by Joey Harrington, go 4-12, and earn a high pick in next years draft.   

Whether or not Vick plays in the 2007 season remains to be determined.  There is also talk of Vick taking a voluntary paid leave of absence, to focus on his legal issues.  If Vick is convicted, he could face 6 years in prison.  But for now, Goodell says he’s in.  



Pacman vs. World

If you’re Pacman Jones, you don’t need to drive an orange Lamborghini to get pulled over.  All you need to do is be Pacman Jones.

On June 10, Jones and his Lamborghini were pulled over because an officer had heard that he didn’t have a driver’s license.  By the time it was all said and done, Jones was cited for a residency violation, lacking registration, and lacking proof of insurance, and is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 10.   

“It was not because he was speeding.  It was not because he was swerving or that he failed to obey any traffic signal or any other traffic laws,” said Worrick Robinson, Pacman’s attorney.  “He had heard that Mr. Jones did not have a valid driver’s license.” 

The kicker is, afterward, the officer faxed a copy of Jones’ citation to a local media outlet.  Because apparently Pacman and his legal issues aren’t in the media enough already. 

It’s time to leave the ghost-eating rainmaker alone.  If we let him go to his adult-entertainment clubs, and do whatever else it is that Pacman does (which apparently isn’t much, considering how often he’s spotted at strip clubs across the country) for the next year, there’s a chance he’ll take care of his legal issues, get his head straight, and realize he wants to be back in the NFL.  And hey, I’m sure the Bengal’s could use a great cornerback in a year. 


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