don’t bench donovan

(Donovan’s beautiful performance in his ugly uniform)

As a fantasy football rookie, I figure it’s best to play it safe until I learn the ropes a little bit.  And after the first two weeks of the season, my backup QB, Matt Schaub, was slightly out-performing my starter, Mr. Donovan McNabb.  So the safe thing to do? Bench Donovan.

 Don’t Bench Donovan.

McNabb punished me by putting up 381 yards,  4 touchdowns and no pics, with a completion percentage of 80.8 and a passer rating of 158.3. 

That was good for 30.94 fantasy points in a league where the first person to 120 usually gets the W.

Just to add insult to injury, he did it in those disgusting baby blue and yellow uni’s in a 56-21 romping over my previously unbeaten Lions. 

So, how did Mr. Schaub perform for me as a starter? Well, lets say he was ‘nervous.’  Matt came out with a pretty basic 236 yard performance with a touchdown and two pics.  He got me 11.94 points, pretty dissapointing considering I left 30 on the bench. 

So Tuesday morning, when it comes time to pick my week 4 starters, guess who’s going to be my number 1 man?  Don’t bench Donovan.


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