who is the all-time greatest movie-athlete?

katie-holmes.jpg (Katie Holmes)

As I sit here watching Dawson’s Creek, I can’t help but man-fantasize about James Van Der Beek’s cannon in Varsity Blues, which instantly begs two questions.  Am I gay? And, who is the all-time greatest fictional athlete?

My new-found lust for the show’s Joey (Katie Holmes, not a dude!) quickly answers my first question, and puts to rest any fleeting insecurities about my sexuallity.  So now I’m stuck wondering who’s better, Rudy, or Rocky?  Boobie Miles, or Jesus Shuttlesworth?

To answer this question, I’m going to need the help of my readers (God permitting I actually have some).  Tell me who you think the greatest movie athlete of all time is, or just who your personal favorite is. 

The rules are simple, it has to be a movie charactor, not a real life person, unless the movie is based on a real life person (i.e. Rudy).  So don’t tell me Michael Jordan from Space Jam is the best movie athlete, or the two kids from Hoop Dreams.  I’m holding out for 25 responces, then I’ll watch some movies and make my final decision.


1 Response to “who is the all-time greatest movie-athlete?”

  1. 1 brandon
    August 14, 2007 at 8:51 am

    Derice Bannock (as Leon Robinson)
    Doug E. Doug … (as Sanka Coffie)
    Rawle D. Lewis … (as Junior Bevil)
    Malik Yoba … (as Yul Brenner)
    ’nuff said

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