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comeback of the week: barton vs. winona st. – D-II national championship

I enjoyed last weeks comeback so much, I decided to make it a weekly feature.  This is the 2007 D-II national championship game between Barton and Winona St.  Winona has a 57-game wining streak going into the game, but Barton has Anthony Atkinson.  Atkinson is now pursuing professional basketball in Germany.  Enjoy.

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Three’s company


They’ve already got the truth and the man who played Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game,” but the Celtics are still looking to add the franchise to their line-up.

 A Celtics official confirmed that a deal was in place to put Kevin Garnett alongside Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in Boston.  This is after a nearly identical trade was blocked by Garnett in June when Garnett said he would opt out of his final year, worth $23 million, for free agency in the summer of 2008 if he were traded to Boston.  However, since then the Celtics have landed Ray Allen, and Garnett has thought twice. 

It’s reported that Boston would have to give up the real-life Jesus Shuttlesworth, Sebastion Telfair, who was a high school legend at Lincoln High School in Coney Island, NY.  Minnessota would also get Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes and a future first-round pick. 

If the deal goes down, Boston would be stacked, at least on paper.  But it’s hard to imagine the Celtics dominating for a long period of time, given that Pierce, at 29, is the only of the three stars under 30 (and won’t be anymore by the time the season starts). 

Without a doubt, this is a good move for the Celtics.  They should be a second tier playoff team in the east, behind Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Miami, but their window is closing.  If they don’t bring home a ring in the next four years, it’s time to rebuild again. 




While pondering the ever-decreasing possibility that Barry Bonds won’t reach 755 home-runs, it hit me, why does anybody pitch to Bonds?  If I were pitching against the Giants everyday, he would never swing the bat again in his career. 

Seriously, why not intentionally walk Bonds every single time he comes to the plate for the rest of the season?  And if he comes back next year, take the bat out of his hands some more.  It’s not like the Giants are so good that teams can’t afford to put him on base 100 percent of the time.  With about 55-60 games left this season, I bet it would only cost opponents 2-3 games tops. 

How great would it be if Bonds never recorded another Major League at-bat?  His stat-line would be 0-0, 5BB every game for the rest of his career, and he’d finish at 754, and baseball’s most sacred record would be saved.  So to all the NL pitches who read the sportsgarage daily, take the bat out of Bonds hands.  Put him on first.  Save the record.


Bonds Away


My optimistic side is still clinging to hope that there’s a chance Barry Bonds will never hit another home run, and never hold the title “Major League Baseball all-time home run king.” However, my realistic side knows that will not happen, and it is only a matter of time before Barry Bonds ties, then breaks Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record of 755.

The good news for Bonds haters? A-Rod. And believe me, I’m an A-rod hater too. But a day shy of his 32nd birthday, the guys is a homer shy of 500, and has already matched last years home run total (35) this year. You just have to respect it from somebody who’s head hasn’t grown from the size of an apple, to the size of a watermelon.

When it’s all said and done, nobody will remember Barry Bonds as a great baseball player. People are going to remember the steroids controversy, and think of Bonds as a cheater. While A-Rod may get a hard time for being a money-hungry player whose personal goals are nearly as important as team goals, his status as a great baseball player will never be in jeopardy. Unless of course his head doubles in size during his mid-30’s.


Everybody in the world should watch this

In a 41-17 blowout with 2:42 to play in a Texas high school playoff game, Plano East and John Tyler both learn why we play until the last second. 


Vick down, but not out


When you’re name is Mike Vick, you get a lot of special treatment.  Being the second highest paid player in the NFL (only Peyton Manning makes more) is one of those benefits.  Getting away with murder, it seems, may be another. 

Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, and Tank Johnson were all suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for a combined total of 32 games for run-ins with the law, before he let the judicial system do its thing.  However, when Mike Vick was indicted for hosting a dogfighting ring on his property, Goodell said he would wait and see what happens in court before he decides to suspend the $100M quarterback.   

There is always the argument that maybe Goodell learned his lesson after the last suspension he made.  Former Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson was suspended by Goodell after being pulled over in Arizona on suspicion of driving under the influence in June.  After Johnson was suspended, the Bears released him for his ongoing legal troubles.  Then on July 2, it was determined that Johnson’s blood alcohol content was .072, below the Arizona limit of .08, and all charges against Johnson were dropped.   Had Goodell waited for these results, Johnson would not have been suspended, and would still have his job with the Bears. 

There is also the argument that Goodell’s suspensions are for players with repeat run-ins with the law.  All three afore-mentioned players had multiple legal troubles before being suspended.  Vick however, has not.   

And if you’re smart, and you don’t believe the first two arguments, there is always the argument that Mike Vick is good for the NFL.  Regardless of his reputation, every game he plays in is going to be sold out.  People are still going to be wearing their Vick jerseys.  The bottom line is, Vick is a money-maker for the NFL.  Falcons fans don’t want to go see their team, quarterbacked by Joey Harrington, go 4-12, and earn a high pick in next years draft.   

Whether or not Vick plays in the 2007 season remains to be determined.  There is also talk of Vick taking a voluntary paid leave of absence, to focus on his legal issues.  If Vick is convicted, he could face 6 years in prison.  But for now, Goodell says he’s in.    




Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, Desmond Howard, Reggie Bush and . . .Jared Zabransky?  Really?  

Z joined some pretty exclusive company when EA Sports made him the cover boy for NCAA Football 2008.  

 In case you’re not from Idaho, Zabransky is that goofy looking quarterback from Boise State with the Zorro tattoo on his arm and a tribal armband on the other.   He’s currently on the Houston Texans roster, although he’s not listed on the depth chart at quarterback.  But that’s only because the Texans are so deep at that position, with guys like Matt Schaub, Sage Rosenfels, Bradlee Van Pelt and Quinton Porter ahead of him.   

So how does a not-even-fourth-stringer make the cover of one of the biggest sports video games out there?  I’m still not sure about this one, but maybe EA was trying to avoid “the curse of the cover” by giving it to somebody who won’t get any PT.  Or maybe it has something to do with their ad campaign, which features a commercial where Ian Johnson’s game winning Statue of Liberty run on Boise State’s two-point conversion to win the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma was stopped short.  Or maybe, now hear me out on this one, maybe Jared Zabransky is the next Carson Palmer.  Really?

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